Choob Tarh Novin

در هر برهه ای، همواره تعامل افکار و خرد جمعی یکی از ارکان اصلی پیشرفت، توسعه و ترقی هر بخشی، منطقه و کشوری بوده است. با نگاهی گذرا به تاریخ می توان دریافت که حتی زمانیکه ارتباطات رسانه ای نیز قدم به عرصه وجود گذاشته اند فضاهای گردهمایی و همایش نقش مهمی را در مهیا کردن بستر مناسب جهت گفتگو و تبادل افکار و ارتقاء فرهنگ و هنر هر قوم و ملیتی ایفاء کرده اند و حتی خود رسانه ای شدند با مخاطبین بسیار.

پیشرفتهای بشر و ورود تکنولوژی های سمعی و بصری، این رسانه پرمخاطب را بسمت پیشرفت و دگرگونی بسیاری سوق داد آنچنان که در کنار معماری داخلی علوم دیگری نظیر الکترو آکوستیک صدا و تصویر نیز به طراحی این مجموعه ها افزوده گردید تا مخاطب علاوه بر لذت بردن از فضایی شکیل، خوب ببیند و خوب بشنود.


The progressions of the humankind and the birth of Audio-Visual technology, has progressed and transformed this most used mass media in a way that other sciences such as Electro-acoustic has also been counted as an specialized field beside the interior Design, in a way that the audience hears fine and sees nice, while he enjoys being in a pleasant environment.

In the three past decades, there has been less opportunity to pay attention professionally to the cultural places such as cinemas, conference halls, amphitheaters, auditoriums, theater halls, etc. by the cause of the special political, economic and cultural situations of this county; and unfortunately the technical quality of those places has a far distance with today’s technology and profession, due to the lack of professional consultants in this field.

Choob Tarh Novin Co. (Private Joint Stock), therefore, has been established in 2000 with the goal of professional consultancy and the implementation of acoustic interior design and equipping the Amphitheatres, Cinemas, Conference halls and also the educational places.

To attain to this goal, these is a necessity of using professional specialists and experts, establishing research and development unit, using the world’s latest technology and equipments in Acoustic and Electro-acoustic, improving the ability of production and also the quality of the decorative products, and eventually delivery of the project according to the standards and customer satisfaction.

Since the day it was established, this company has been able to establish a centralized research department in consultancy and acoustic interior design, furniture, electrical and electronic systems (audio-visual, etc.) and mechanical installations by using professional experts; which has resulted to design more than 430 projects and offering engineering services to the consultant engineering society and the executive units. At present, simulation of acoustic parameters have been implemented by using Odeon® software by the professional expert of acoustic, and in Electro-acoustic section by using professional sound simulation softwares such as Ease®

Choob Tarh Novin Co. has provided special possibilities for research and development of this section by the expansion of its factory in 2005, on a land with a 4800m2 area and equipping the factory to the latest modern European machinery to enhance the quality of the products and create a secure way to produce and support the fragments of the project on time.

In 2006, this company has succeeded to design and produce acoustic panels named Novin Ava for the first time in Iran by the assistance of the experts and the possibilities of production, and has taken effective steps for the improvement and enhancement of acoustic function of the decorated halls.

The technical knowledge and quality control of the consultants and experts of this company in its various units such as business, designing, technical and executive, finance and even the professional and artful hands of the experts, results into the creation of attractive places which conform to the latest standards.

This company has tried to decrease the time of implementation and eventually the expenditures of the projects by using today’s science of managing projects and its powerful executive ability by observing the executive problems.

Considering the impossibility of enhancing the quality of any product without obtaining the satisfaction of the customer, the After-Sales unit despite guaranteeing all the products and equipments used in the projects, by preserving continuous contact with the customer and submitting solutions for proper exploitation from the halls, has submitted guarantee of the projects to the customer in order the exploitation from the finished projects will not confront with stoppage due to the repairing problems.

All the efforts of your colleagues in this company, is being able to be a sample of using the latest technology, enhancing the quality, observing the world’s latest standards which will result to the confidence of the consultants and the respectful employers by using the above possibilities.

We hope to have the chance to assist you.